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World-wide-web Assists UFO Sighting Reports

Because organizations started keeping records inside the 1950s, UFO sightings have already been growing every year in America and globally. It's not identified no matter whether this increase in sightings is as a consequence of there being a lot more unidentified flying objects in our skies or rather an elevated technology for people today to become capable to report a UFO sighting. Perhaps it could be a mixture of both.

With all the advent on the net, tracking has enhanced given that having a click of a button any one can report a Online UFO Store. But much more useful will be the fact that the world wide web has allowed tens of thousands to post stories, photos and videos. This wealth of information provides UFO investigators and enthusiasts with all the capability to analysis, evaluate and add to our know-how database, which furthers the scientific study of UFOs.

A current example of how technology has enabled info from distinct parts in the planet as well as unique times to shed light on similarities with the UFO phenomenon is often found in comparing reports of 3 various sightings of a ring inside the sky.

Fort Belvior, Virginia

The initial sighting was produced in 1953 at Fort Belvior, Virginia. Fifteen witnesses at a U.S. Army military facility spotted a perfectly symmetrical ring or circle inside the sky, which was moving rapidly. The military's explanation was that the circle was a smoke ring from an atomic bomb simulation.

Doswell, Virginia

The second ring inside the sky sighting was in 2009 at King's Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, Virginia. Same characteristics because the 1953 UFO sighting, however, this particular ring hovered within the sky above the park. The amusement park asserted that the smoke ring was triggered by 1 of their rides; on the other hand, numerous people today witnessed the object and were specific it was some thing not of this planet.


The third ring was sighted in 2010 in Kosovo. Authorities primarily assume this ring inside the sky can also be induced by some sort of smoke, and undoubtedly that argument is quite compelling. But once more, the net has produced it attainable to take 3 separate incidents and view their similarities inside a way that no other generation has been able to achieve. These rings happen to be sighted in several countries around the globe, but only in this day and age, do we've the technology to place all of the pieces collectively.

It would be simple to accept the government's assertion that the 1953 ring was on account of smoke, but the fact that many sightings, photographs and videos are now available that show these identical form of rings are being seen across the world in non-military areas proves that there is unquestionably anything to investigate.

As researchers are capable to document and study incoming information, we draw closer to becoming in a position to know and hopefully one day prove just what these unidentified objects are, exactly where they come from and answer the timeless query: do aliens exist?

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